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Seller's Checklist

Although every deal is a bit different, below is a sample of the highlights when selling a home.

According to the National Association of Realtors, if a house is priced correctly, an offer should be received for every 7 showings.  In a normal market, 1-2 showings a week is typical.

  • Pricing a home correctly from Day 1 is always the best strategy.  Price reductions can become a slippery slope with buyers taking a wait and see how low they go position.

It is critical you have total Trust in your agent’s knowledge and ability to price your home correctly and provide insight into things you can do to maximize your profit.

If a house is not experiencing showings, a few things should be reevaluated:

Is the proper marketing in place and does it highlight this property in its best light?  Pictures, Video, Listing details are only the beginning of a strategic marketing plan.  Review and evaluate additional opportunities.

Is the initial listing price too high for the neighborhood?  If a property hits the market too high, buyers will move on feeling the seller is unrealistic.  A price reduction is needed.



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If a house is being shown but no offers have been presented it means the buyers are most likely finding nicer homes for their money.  Both condition and price should be readdressed.

If your house is being shown, sometimes for a 2nd time by a buyer but the buyer buys something else that means we are close. Condition and price should be readdressed. Conversations between your Realtor and the buyer’s agent are critical to focus in on what exactly was the determining factor(s).

  • The Market will typically send a clear message regarding the value of the house.  It is critical to listen and react accordingly to avoid becoming a “stale” property. 

  • Showing Off Your Home is Easy for a highly skilled agent. Your agent should be able to walk you through the home and point out areas that need your attention.  This attention to details helps maximize your profit by attracting solid offers.  Small things like reducing closet usage to 70%, everything off the floor, cleanliness (inside and out), inviting smells, soft music all make the home viewing experience more enjoyable for the buyer.
A few other suggestions:

• Make sure there are no signs of pets
• Every rooms function is easily recognized
• Every light on in the house
• Leave the house and allow the buyer to view it with their agent

Listing to Close typical process:

  • Comparative Market Analysis
  • Choose the RIGHT agent and execute the listing agreement
  • Let your Agent get to work
  • Professional Photographer scheduled
  • Advertising plan put into place including entry into MLS system(s)
  • Showings are scheduled
  • Offers are received and presented
  • Offer is executed by Buyer and Seller
  • Title Insurance Commitment is ordered
  • Appraisal is ordered; A good Realtor will leave nothing to chance during this appraisal process
  • Inspection is scheduled by Buyer (at Buyer’s cost); Items negotiated
  • All dates on the contract take HIGHEST priority by your agent
  • Successfully Close